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Gluten-Free Cooking for Sinners


Breakfasts and Snacks: chocolate rice pudding, watermelon and mint salad, cornbread with blueberries

Sorry I am so late posting this week’s menu, I have been extra busy at work and with side writing projects and mostly I just kept forgetting about it.


Breakfast: Udi’s cinnamon-raisin bread, toasted with cream cheese, or peanut-butter Panda Puffs 

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Breakfast: Strawberry spoon bread; Summer berry fruit salad with mint and greek yogurt 

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Breakfast: Granola with greek yogurt, fried green tomatoes


Breakfasts: brioche-dough cinnamon rolls; granola with yoghurt

Dedicated to proving that gluten-free food can be delicious food, and isn't necessarily health food. This blog is 100% free of diet talk and psuedo-science and full of talk of the virtues of bacon, potatoes, and box wine. I link recipies from other sources by posting a main picture, click through pictures to get to recipies.